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Windows Vista: The Cost

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This eureka moment is brought to you by Lance (daemonx87@hotmail.com)
Did you know that the 27 kilometre Large Hadron Collider (the soon to be World's Largest Particle Accelerator) located at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland is funded approximately about $6 billion dollars almost the same as the fund poured by Microsoft to developed it's new operating system Windows Vista.
Wow! Now that's A LOT of money. But is Vista really that worth it? I'm really not into the Vista hype. I mean, I've seen how it looks and I'm amazed at how they've managed to integrate Mac-style graphical interface with the classic Windows theme. But it's still Windows. And for all I know, it's probably just like any other Windows OS -- fear the blue screen!

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