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Windows Can't Create Blank Folders

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Did you know that you cannot create a blank folder in Windows?

If you rename it to [BLANK] (that is, delete the Folder Name), Windows will automatically rename it back to the Folder Name.

Even if you rename it to (' ') SPACE, Windows will still rename it back to its Folder Name.

But! Here's a technique I'll share with you on how to rename your folder to blank:
  • Highlight the folder you want to rename
  • Press F2, or Right-click > Rename
  • Hold [ALT]
  • Press the number keys: [2] [5] [5]
And you'll get a blank to use for your folder!
An alternative for this is also using [ALT] + 0160.

Why is that? Well, learn your Ascii, my friend!

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  1. Blogger ravi said:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  1. Blogger ravi said:

    I have tried the trick of using blank name for folder,as said by you but that doesn't work!
    please tell me why? and give other trick.
    Thank You!

  1. Blogger sarmat misger said:

    i doesnt work plzz help me

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    I works fine if:
    1- only use digits from the number part of your kb under numlock (Right hand side) [for big keyboards only]

    2- if you are using a laptop with small keyboards:

    ALT + Fn + 255 BUT: find these numbers in green (or blue or ... on your letters Like letter N has a number on it .... letter L has another number on it.)

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