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What's Gandalf's Other Job?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Have you ever wondered what Gandalf's other job is? Well, wonder no more.



How Google Works

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I came across THIS SITE and saw how our favorite search engine, Google, works.

Enjoy! :)

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Garbage and Trash Trivia

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hey all, since it's Blog Action Day, and it's time for us to be aware of of our environment, here are a few facts that might help us realize that we really need to REUSE, REDUCE, and RECYCLE. Let's all work together for a cleaner, greener Earth. :)

  • Most families throw away about 40 kg plastic a year.
  • Paper products make up approximately 40 percent of our trash.
  • Every year more than 900 million trees are cut down to provide raw materials for American paper and pulp mills.
  • Plastic bags and other plastic rubbish thrown into the ocean kill as many as a million sea creatures every year.
  • To create just 1 kilogram of consumer goods, manufacturers create 5 kilograms of waste.
  • The energy saved by recycling 1 bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes.
  • Every year we fill enough garbage trucks to form a line that would stretch from the earth, halfway to the moon.
  • Americans buy 2,300.000 pairs of shoes a day - enough to cover the bottom of a 17-acre closet with shoe boxes.
  • One quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of water.
  • The plastic used in one toner cartridge contains about a half quart of oil.
  • hat styrofoam cup that you drank your coffee out of this morning will still be in the landfill 500 years from now.

Let's clean up our act, friends. :)

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I don't know why it took me THIS long to find this great site. Damn, shame on me. Everything you'll need to humor and amuse yourself is in this site (Well, that is IF you appreciate sarcasm and a lot of wit). Anyway, one of the things that caught my attention is this:
The 2 most important rules in life
1. Don't tell everything you know.
I was scrolling down for the next rule, but I couldn't find it. Then as if hit on the head, the answer dawned on me and ended up rolling my eyes for not thinking "that way." Hahaha!

Be sure to check out Murphy's Laws (on Land and Warfare, on Sex, and on everything else!), Idiots, and Words of Wisdom!


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Google's Remedy for Brain Inactivity

Friday, October 5, 2007

Are you feeling bored? Do you feel as if you're not utilizing your brain at its maximum capacity? Do you want to stimulate yourself intellectually?

Well look no further because our favorite search engine (and probably my favorite company :3) is proud to give us its remedy for brain inactivity. Too bad, though, for us folks outside the US because we won't be able to participate huhuhu. Anyway, they're holding the US Puzzle Championship which is "
a national online competition to identify America's most logical minds." For more details, click HERE.

Here are a few samples of their puzzles:

14 cards with digits are placed to make a 3x3 grid of numbers. The totals for the numbers in each row and column are given. Pick up two cards and place them back anywhere in the grid (still face-up) so that the six totals become equal.

Go ahead and try! Hehehe!

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