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Google's Remedy for Brain Inactivity

Friday, October 5, 2007

Are you feeling bored? Do you feel as if you're not utilizing your brain at its maximum capacity? Do you want to stimulate yourself intellectually?

Well look no further because our favorite search engine (and probably my favorite company :3) is proud to give us its remedy for brain inactivity. Too bad, though, for us folks outside the US because we won't be able to participate huhuhu. Anyway, they're holding the US Puzzle Championship which is "
a national online competition to identify America's most logical minds." For more details, click HERE.

Here are a few samples of their puzzles:

14 cards with digits are placed to make a 3x3 grid of numbers. The totals for the numbers in each row and column are given. Pick up two cards and place them back anywhere in the grid (still face-up) so that the six totals become equal.

Go ahead and try! Hehehe!

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