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Water Crash Landing To Do's

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last weekend, I had nothing better to do than watch TV, and since it's early in the morning, the shows I usually like aren't being aired yet. And so i flipped the remote to Discovery Channel, and one of the shows I've always wanted to watch but never got its schedule was on: Mythbusters. I instantly got hooked to what they were showing me.

The first myth they were trying to bust was on cars submerged in water. The myth is that you can escape a car submerged in water only if the interior is flooded as well. Surprisingly, the myth is true! Haha, in case your car gets submerged (God-forbid) and you're inside, you'd have to prepare yourself for the big plunge -- meaning, hold your breath -- and wait until the interior is totally flooded so you can easily escape. This is because the pressure INSIDE the car equals with the pressure outside, and that makes it easier for you to push the door.

Some other discoveries related to this myth are:
  • You CAN escape the car that has fallen into the water IF the water inside the car is at ankle level or knee level. This is because the pressure outside is not yet strong enough to push the doors and keep it shut.
  • You CAN STILL escape the car that has fallen into the water IF the water inside the car is at waist level, however it will require great strength from you to match the pressure being exerted by the water outside.
  • You CANNOT escape a car that has fallen into the water IF the water covers the car window from the outside. The pressure will keep the doors from opening.
  • You CANNOT open the windows of a car that has fallen into the water unless you use hammer-like (or with pointed-tip tools) to break the glass. Which means, you can't open it using manual crank or power windows because the pressure is too great.

Interesting eh? And here's another extra myth they busted: A piece of paper cannot be folded (in perpendicular halves) more than seven times. They tried it using ordinary letter-sized bond paper, and they couldn't fold it more than 7 times. Then they tried using a larger paper (Table-sized), but they still couldn't fold it more than 7 times. The reason here is that each time you fold the paper, the number of layers grow exponentially (1 fold = 2 layers; 2 folds = 4; 3 folds =8, 4 folds = 16; 5 folds = 32; 6 folds = 64; 7 folds = 128). Imagine folding over 128 layers of 3/100 of a inch of paper! So what they did to bust this myth? They went bigger and thinner. They laid out a football-field sized paper interconnected with double-sided adhesive tape! As a result, they were able to fold the paper 11 times.

For more details on the Mythbusters, visit HERE.

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