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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Okay, after taking a break on researching Google stuff, I have finally come across some interesting finds. Once a year, Google geniuses develop a page that would drive users nuts on April Fool's Day. Here are some interesting pages that they've come up with:

The Google Romance Finder:

Are single, lonely, and miserable? Fear not, Google has the answer you've been looking for! If you want to find the perfect date, the perfect somebody to hold you so tight, then go to Google Romance right NOW!

The Google MentalPlex

If you want faster and smarter searching on the internet, then the MentalPlex is the answer. Its hypnotizing powers draw in the positive vibrations of hundreds of fortune tellers and astrologers in the world.

The Google Pigeon Rank

Have you ever wondered how Google delivers your search inquiries fast and accurate? Well, wonder no more because the big company has finally revealed how it works its magic. Behold the PigeonRank: Google's army of hardworking birds to give you the best results.

Hehehe, simply shows that Google has a great sense of humor. Damn, I wish I were one of their employees. Haha, bitter.

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