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Hidden Tetris Game at uTorrent!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We have all come to love torrents. And for me, probably the best BitTorrent client is ĀµTorrent (also known as microTorrent). Why? Because: 1) it's freeware; 2) it uses minimum computer resources -- only 213KB total in size; 3) it offers the same functionalities as other powerful Java-based clients such as Azureus and BitComet.

Recently, I was reading about how "hidden pictures" can be obtained just by clicking like crazy on the About page of any application. So I tried doing it on most of the applications I'm running. And uTorrent was one of them.

Here's what I've found out:
  • Open the uTorrent application
  • Select the menu Help > About
  • Press [T]
And a tetris game begins!

Also, if you click on the logo, music will be played. Hehehe, this is what you get for tinkering with your applications, especially when bored. =P

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  1. Blogger Ashwin said:

    Hmm I am a fan of utorrent too, didn't knew about the tetris thing, interesting find.

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